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With planned parenthood under attack, numbers in teen pregnancy are likely to rise in years to come. 


Despite the fact that birth control is essential to women’s economic and social advancement, the Trump administration is hellbent on chipping away access to it. 

Snapchat believes that life is better when you live in the moment which is why they plan on teaming up with Planned Parenthood so young women can live to their fullest potential. 

Snapchat plans to stand with Planned Parenthood to raise awareness about teen pregnancy, by creating a safe space for young girls to monitor their period, get reminders to take their birth control, locate planned parenthood facilities, chat with professionals, and much more. 






Reminders are sent once daily for birth control and monthy for period tracker reminders.

  • When you get your period, girls can send an emoji to the planned parenthood chat which will automate snaps to be sent for each day of their period with Bitmoji celebrations for each day each month.

  • On the last day of their cycle there will be a celebratory snap, and then it will ask for girls to confirm if they are on the pill and if so they will be asked to punch in a time to start receiving top secret automated snaps to remind them to take the pill


Planned Parenthood wants young girls to feel like no question is a stupid question while also providing a safe space for young girls to ask questions which also disappears.

  • Humorous videos will be shared on the top stories section of snapchat which will state at the end that “no question is a stupid one,” and invite girls to enter into a live chat with Planned Parenthood respondents.

  • Girls can ask questions and get answers in a timely mannor, which will disappear after viewing


Shows planned parenthood locations within the area.

  • Shows locations to purchase over the counter contaceptives and pregnancy tests.

  • Allows users to select the location and send a private message to make appointments and receive other information such as office hours and walk in times.

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