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I am Islay (eye-luh), creator of this website, 26 years fun. I majored in advertising, minored in motion media,  specialize in drone videography, and take a few photos here and there.

I am a passionate story teller. Whether it’s for a brand, or a country, I love to change someone’s mind about a place or thing.  ( maybe say open up people’s minds and hearts to new places and things, rather than change their mind.) 

Over the years I have travelled to 47 countries, many of which were solo missions. Since graduating college, I've motorbiked 4000 km from the bottom of Vietnam to China while raising money for charity, sailed 6 days open ocean from Bermuda to Maine on a 40 ft sailboat, spent 27 days driving over 7000km around Mongolia, and recently drove my Honda CR-V from Rhode Island to San Francisco and back and spent 69 days living in my car while droning across the US.

Since the start of 2019, I have had the opportunity to work with the top 20 hotel groups as well as a number of major brands like Sixt Rentals, Escape to Mongolia, Thermos, and various other companies. I have as much passion for low budget (no budget) travel as I do for luxury life content creation and plan to continue work in both areas in years to come.

Going forward, I hope to build new and lasting relationships with individuals and brands whose underlying message aligns with mine, to help create content that tells their story, broadens their reach, and gets them seen in ways they haven't been seen before.

- Islay

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