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Tequila-flavored beer is a juxtaposition. Desperados, just like they did with tequila and beer, aims to combine two things that don't go together: drinking beer to drive better. You read correctly, drinking beer could save lives on the road. According to a study by Marquette University, when road salt or sand is present during icy conditions, the possibility of collisions is reduced by 85%; therefore, Desperados would recycle beer bottles to be crushed into sand and used to treat dangerous ice-covered roads using a branded bottle grinder.


Posters would initially be used to promote the event in bars and on the streets.


Twitter bots connected to the weather channel will offer discounts based on the temperature: the colder it gets, the cheaper the beer. Instagram sponsored posts will continue to promote the urban beach party. Users can click on the 'Learn More' button to discover what bars near them are taking part in the event.


Desperados Sand trucks will collect all of the sand from the party and bar installations to treat the roads. Billboards will display data collected from after the event to thank cities for their generous contributions.

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