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The purpose of this microsite is to increase brand awareness and sales of Beardition Beard Products. By creating a microsite that consumers can interact with in a fun way that is promoted through social media, they learn more about products offered by Beardition and possibly have a chance at winning a product of their choice. The Battle of the Beards Microsite sponsored by Beardition will be promoted to the audience through humorous facebook and instagram videos of real life men with beards, demonstrating the acts of what would take place in the game. Below each video will be a link to the microsite. Along with Battle of the Beards, the microsite will also have an option for those who are feeling “whitbeard” instead of “beastbeard” and would rather unleash the forces of their beard using their whit, instead of battling. On the microsite, users will have the option of entering “Beardcabulay” into the Beardition Beardcabulary Book for a chance to win a free product of their choice. Those who follow Beardition’s Instagram account will be notified if they won by following up on Beardition’s posts and seeing their Beardcabulary was announced on the page.  


Creative Team:Islay Petrie and Andrea Madrid

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